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Roux Maison makes eco-chic scented detergents that turn household chores into more relaxing sessions. Their high quality detergent washes load with a minimum amount of product in each load and leaves garments looking and smelling clean.

The people who have developed this product aim to make household chores as relaxing as possible for the users. Their detergent is manufactured with ingredients that carry pleasing scents which help to create a soothing environment wherever they are used. Best of all, none of these ingredients are harmful to the environment or to human health. Their detergents are free of toxic substances like sodium lauryl sulfate. The scent in their laundry products comes from therapeutic grade essential oils.

In addition to their fragrance free products, Roux Maison high efficiency laundry detergent is available in several different relaxing scents, such as:

  • Sweet tea
  • Ambrosia

They make different types of detergent, to suit various applications. You will find the ideal product for:

  • Swimwear
  • Delicates
  • Training clothes
  • Essential day to day wear
Roux Maison: What makes it different?
  • Roux Maison detergent is free of paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, optical brighteners and formaldehyde
  • Their product has a neutral pH and is ideal for garments that will be worn by people who have sensitive skin
  • The product was developed without testing it on animals
  • Roux Maison high efficiency laundry detergent is very concentrated.
  • Each 16 ounce bottle does more than eighty hand washes
  • A sixteen ounce bottle of this detergent can also do 40 machine loads
  • Roux Maison has formulated their product to work well with all types of washing machines
  • This washing product is not abrasive
  • Their high efficiency laundry detergent rinses clean and does not leave nay residue behind in the garments that are treated
  • American citizens who want to support their economy will be glad to know that the product is made in the United States
  • They have a fragrance free stain remover that can be used for difficult marks or discolorations
Roux Maison vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Roux Maison)

Roux Maison competes with Method liquid laundry detergent and Dropps laundry detergent.

Dropps Laundry Detergent

  • Dropps laundry detergent uses a “toss and go” method of packaging
  • It is convenient to use
  • The correct amount of detergent for each load is packaged in a wrapping that dissolves when you put it in water
  • A package that can do 42 loads costs $11.50

Method Liquid Laundry Detergent

  • Method liquid laundry detergent is 95% plant based.
  • The bottle is recycled and recyclable
  • 10 ounces does 25 loads and costs $8.49
  • It is available in two fragrances and an unscented version

Roux Maison

  • Roux Maison uses the finest oils in their products
  • Only a few cap fulls are necessary for each load
  • Roux Maison laundry detergent extends the lifespan of your garments
  • Their product can eliminate odors in the sweatiest clothes
  • Since fabrics are not left with any residue form the detergent, they remain breathable
  • Their products are packaged in bottles which are made without using BPA
Roux Maison: Pricing & packages
  • Roux Maison products are affordable and have great washing power.
  • All their detergents contain basic, natural ingredients which can remove dirt and stains from your clothes without damaging them.
  • A 16 ounce bottle of Roux Maison Sport Liquid high efficiency laundry detergent costs $16.95.
  • Their Delicate detergent is ideal for washing baby clothes, hosiery, slips, lingerie and other delicate items. A 16 ounce bottle costs $15.99. A case of six costs $90.
  • Roux Maison products are available in travel sizes. These bottles measure an ounce and can do two machine loads or up to six hand washes.
  • A set of three bottles, each containing an ounce of stain remover, costs $14.25.
  • A set of three bottles, each containing an ounce of swimwear detergent, costs $14.50. a case of 12 bottles in this size costs $55. This product effectively removes chlorine from swimsuits. It also protects the fabric from losing its elasticity and color. The detergent will also take sunscreen, salt and body oils out of the fabric.
Roux Maison: Product images & screenshots
Roux Maison Coupons
Roux Maison: Customer reviews & comments

“I have been using this for a few weeks now. It smells great! I also love that I only use a few cap fulls for each load. It's really going to last a long time. Thank you Roux Maison!”

T Schultz

April, 2012

“Purchased this product after reading about it in Lucky magazine. The smell is fantastic and just a tiny amount leaves a whole load of clothes fresh and clean. It has no harsh additives so no funny smells and clothes feel like new. I can't wait to try their other products. Highly recommend will be ordering more when this runs out.”


May, 2012

“This stuff is amazing. Laundry comes out clean and fresh! I have the Ambrosia and it smells great! The price per ounce is very affordable in my opinion. Highly recommended.”

Heather Yocum

May, 2012

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